We take a holistic approach to health and wellness offering modalities that integrate the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Our primary goal is to help you achieve optimal health by gaining proper balance in life.


The whole person is made up of interdependent pieces, and when one part is not functioning properly it affects all other parts. So, when you have imbalances in your life (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional) it negatively affects your overall health.


Holistic medicine is based on the principle that unconditional love and support are the most powerful healers and a person is ultimately responsible for his or her own health and well-being. We offer a variety of services and pathways that help you set and reach your personal goals and live life better.


Sacred Space Wellness was established in 2018 in downtown Blue Springs, Mo.

Rebekah Bramlett

photo of Rebekah Bramlett

I coach in mindset, good movement, and implementing healthy practices. An initial consultation gives the client the opportunity to express needs and goals while I assess to pinpoint dysfunction and postural imbalance. We work together to create a plan towards transformation. Bodywork varies in length and may include stretching, relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, energy balancing and meditative techniques, movement therapies, and the use of hot towels, stones, and oils among other tools. All sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual. Coaching is implemented both on and off the table to equip you with tools and ideas to utilize in your daily life.


Before making the conscious journey into wellness I lived an unbalanced and uncomfortable lifestyle. I struggled with bad habits, negative relationships, and a stressful work life. By my early 20s it was catching up to me and I was experiencing chronic stress and fatigue, even physical pain and injury. I knew I needed change.


I went to medical doctors for help, with no success. It was then I turned to holistic medicine and visited a Reiki Master. My first energy healing session lasted several hours and afterwards I was more grounded than I had ever been in my entire life! I had finally found my footing. Soon after, I knew that I wanted to serve in the same way.


A year after my first experience with Reiki I was invited to begin training as a practitioner. Over the next few years I realized I was fascinated with the body and its processes.


In 2016 I received certification in massage therapy and graduated with a degree in Integrative Health & Wellness from Wellspring School of Allied Health. Furthering my education, I achieved a certificate of Corrective Exercise Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In 2017 I completed formal Reiki Practitioner and Teacher training under Volna Lucille Enyart, Balances of Lee’s Summit, Mo. I am currently studying digestive health and the effects of the microbiome on physical and mental wellness.


I strongly believe that our health is our greatest wealth and it is my passion to facilitate you on your journey to wellness! I strive to make sure those in our community are well served in finding balance and wholeness on all planes. If I can help one person live better it ripples out onto others, making the world a better place.


Megan McCarty

photo of Rebekah Bramlett

Fate was the driving force of my career in the health and wellness field. When I came across the path of massage therapy I knew immediately it was a place I could best use my natural interest to live a clean and healthy lifestyle and my desire to help others do the same.

I graduated from Wellspring School of Allied health in 2017 and have been practicing Massage Therapy since 2018. Specializing in aromatherapy, prenatal massage and relaxation technique.

In my free time you’ll find me outdoors - hiking, kayaking, fishing. Or inside being creative. I love to read, paint, and spend quality time with my family and pets - Arrow, tater, and Bodhi.

In sessions - Megan uses a unique approach, combining her knowledge of the mechanics, healing processes, and energetic layer of the human body to help you tap into the parasympathetic nervous system - a deep state where restoration and reparation happens. She works with you to identify your specific issues and create a plan of action to help you reach your health goals.

Happy Healing!

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